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In the post Tiger Woods era, golf courses are struggling to stay afloat. After peaking a decade ago, the number of golf courses in the US has been in steady decline. Since 2006, golf course closings have outnumbered openings after more than 4500 golf courses had opened over the previous 15 years. Last year alone, there were 13.5 openings and 154 closures. While there are many reasons for this trend, including the shrinking middle class, extended time to complete a round of golf, and limited access to public golf courses, one phenomenon is clear, subdivision golf courses are particularly at risk.

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Golf course lawyer Matthew Kornhauser is one of the few litigation attorneys with a specialty in golf course related legal disputes. Mr. Kornhauser has successfully litigated such matters for clients on both sides of these and other issues in various courts and jurisdictions. Mr. Kornhauser is a Partner of the law firm of Hoover Slovacek, LLP. and is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Civil Trial Law.

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